All physical operations (handling of letter, parcel, machine etc.) need to be SWITCHED to our NEW Operation Center (details shown in bottom of web-page) starting from March 18th.
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Worldwide (Tech Capable) Resellers Wanted !

Due to recent re-structuring of the company, all physical operations (handling of letter, parcel, machine etc...) need to be SWITCHED to our NEW Operation Center (details shown in bottom area of web-page) starting from March 18th this year.  Thanks for your attention.

3月18日 起, 所有物品寄送及聯繫, 請轉移至本公司新近設立的[運籌中心]
地址 : 300 新竹科學工業園區工業東四路24號1F
TEL: 03-6027412(鼎信 新設之代表號
舊分機號須在前面加5, 成為共4碼 ***

FAX: 03-5641419(不變動)


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