It has been one year since we completed the relocation. The facilities are ready for QUANTITY orders in this busy season!!!
Corporation Info2 Laser Life Company 化工機械>廠房設備 In Google map, simply search our location by typing the [address] or [Laser Life Company] to get it! Laser Life Company locates in Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park. It is not far away from High Speed Rail Station of Hsinchu. For getting to our place, you can take a taxi at the Rail Station. And it could take around 15 minutes to arrive here depending on traffic situation. And it costs less than NT$300. by taxi. Visitors could use the map image below to help the communications with local taxi driver, supposed it becomes necessary.
Worldwide (Tech Capable) Resellers Wanted !
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Corporation Name:Laser Life Company
Unified Business No.:89852220
Services & Products:EZLASER / Laser Machines
Business Hours:08:30-17:30 Mon. ~ Fri.