All physical operations (handling of letter, parcel, machine etc.) need to be SWITCHED to our NEW Operation Center (details shown in bottom of web-page) starting from March 18th.
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Laser Life Company specialized in making Laser Cutting System, Laser Engraving System, Laser Marking System, Laser Patterning System, Laser Welding System with a variety of configuration based on light source of sealed-off CO2 Laser and most up-to-date Fiber Laser since founded in 1994.

With knowledge, experience and good local supply in Taiwan, Laser Life Company devote in research, manufacturing and sale of easy approach, high quality and outstanding laser processing machines with brand EZLASER to stay competitive with major brands in the laser field worldwide.

Services: Laser Cutting Machine,Laser Engraving Machine,Laser Marking Machine

In Google map, simply search our location by typing the [address] or [Laser Life Company @TW] to get it! 


Laser Life Company locates in Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park. It is not far away from High Speed Rail Station of Hsinchu.

For getting to our place, you can take a taxi at the Rail Station. And it could take around 15 minutes to arrive here depending on traffic situation. And it costs less than NT$300. by taxi.

Visitors could use the map image below to help the communications with local taxi driver, supposed it becomes necessary.



Payment:Credit Card, T/T