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In order to get most efficient and best quality Laser Beam from the CO2/Fiber lasers we equipped,our engineers design the systems with different mechnisms as shown below:

1. F (Flying-Optics) design :
    <"F" is shown in the 5th product code of corresponding LLC laser system.>


2.B (Beam-Fixed) design :
   <"B" is shown in the 5th product code of corresponding LLC laser system.>

   2.1 Configuration I:


  2.2 Configuration II: 

     In this configuration, the laser and beam delivery system are fix mounted in a stationary position. This system uses a computer controlled scanning head to deliver the laser beam to the target material. Galvanometer driven mirrors inside the scanning head steer the beam along 2 - 3 axes enabling coverage across an imaging area, referred to as the field. The size of the field is determined by a number of factors including the scanning head lens configuration, working distance between the scanning head and target material, and if using a 2-axis or 3-axis scanning head. 

3. H (Half Flying-Optics) design :
    <"H" is shown in the 5th product code of corresponding LLC laser system.>


For Example : 

No.1 Example : LLC product code AMCSH-400R-250130 represents it's a RF 400W CO2 laser Cutting system of 250x130cm working area, and with Ball-Screws inside and H design for beam path.

No.2 Example : LLC product code AMCSH-300P-250130 represents it's a Pulse 300W CO2 laser Cutting system of 250x130cm working area, and with Ball-Screws inside and H design for beam path.
No.3 Example : LLC product code AMCBF-100R-130090 represents it's a RF 100W CO2 laser Cutting system of 130x090cm working area, and with Time-Bell inside and F design for beam path.

No.4 Example : LLC product code AMMNB-20F-000000 represents it's a 20W Fiber laser Marking system with No X-Y stage coould be equipped and B design for beam path.
       While AMMSB-20F-030030 represents it's a 20W Fiber laser Marking system with a Ball-Screws based X-Y stage of 030x030 cm stroke for both directions, and B design for beam path. (For system of this kind, the working area of single process is determined by f-theta lens choosen)  

No.5 Example : LLC product code AMPLB-20F-060060 represents it's a 20W Fiber laser Patterning system with a 060x060cm size extended working area made by X-Y table,  driven by Linear-Motor and with B design for beam path.

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           *Accuracy based on Time-Belt,Ball Screw and Linear Motor respectively
    *Easy Maintenances 
 & Simple Operations
     *Machines with Easy-Swap Advanced Modularized Parts
  *Accurate Focusing *High Quality Assembly and Tests
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**Fiber Laser (Metal) Cutter**  
CSB-060060 (600x600mm) 
CSB-090060 (900x600mm) 
CLB-090060 (900x600mm)  
(Laser Power : QCW 150/300/450W; CW 1500/2000W)

**CO2 Laser Cutter**  
CSH-300185 (3000x1850mm)
CSH-250150 (2500x1500mm)  
CSH-250130 (2500x1300mm) 
CSF-130090 (1300x900mm)  
CBF-155105 (1550x1050mm)
CBF-130090 (1300x900mm,Most POPular)
 (1000x700mm, Basic Cutter)

(Laser Power:60W~400W)

**CO2 Laser Engraver**  
EDH-130090 (1300x900mm)
250130 (2500x1300mm)
EBH-210155 (2100x1550mm)

EBF-130090 (1300x900mm)
EBF-090060 (900x600mm)
EBF-060045 (600x450mm)
(Laser Power : 20W~300W)

**Fiber/CO2  Laser Marking System**
MNB-Fiber Laser
MNB-CO2 Laser

**Macro/Micro-Machining Workstation**
PSB (CO2 Laser Patterning, Galvo+Ball-Scew)
PLB(Fiber Laser Patterning, Galvo+Linear Motor)
SLB (CO2 Laser Scribing / Cutting Workstation)

Why choose EZLASER systems? We offer large stable and affordable intelligent systems to make your Commercial & Industries Productions successful.

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The thickness and work area size of Laserable Metal or Non-Metallic materials are key information ~ 

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