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Worldwide (Tech Capable) Resellers Wanted !

~LLC were updating our product lines of CO2 laser in recent years~

1. What did we do to laser cutting machine as LCM / LCD / LCR / LCG (Group A) and LCW / LCU / LCK / LCI (Group B), which LLC does not continue to produce ?

  • a. For (Group A)the basic reason of discontinuing to produce is the motion axes in these models needed to be replaced by ball-screw axes for most reliable end-to-end accuracy of big size object in defined working area. LLC now offer CSH series to catch up with the original needs for LCM, LCR and LCG, and CSE series for LCD.
  • b. For (Group B), they are all of smaller size machines with flying-optic configuration, and we were convinced that time-belt based rail is good enough for most of the applications. Therefore, LLC slightly modified and renamed LCW, LCU, LCK and LCI to CBF-130090CBF-155105CBF-100070 and CBF-060060 respectively.
    Moreover, LLC reserved the possibilities of offering models of other size to quantity order from customers.

2. What did we do to laser engraving machine as LEW / LEE /LEN (Group C)E96 / E64 (Group D) and LEQ ,which LLC does not continue to produce?

  • a. For (Group C)LLC slightly modified and renamed LEW, LEE and LEN to EBF-130090EBF-090060 and EBF-060045 respectively.
  • b. For (Group D)LLC reserved the possibilities of doing slight modification and offering lowest prices to quantity order from customers.
  • c. For LEQ, a large size CO2 laser engraver, we determined that long axes of ball-screw will do much better works than long time-belt-based axes, since the configuration is about to put a heavy CO2 laser in the moving gantry to avoid beam divergence becoming not workable after laser delivering long distance. Based on above determination, LLC had released EDH-130090 and earned the buying and interest from customers of several different industries in 2017. LLC plan to enlarge the size of EDH to get machines of working area up to size of LEQ. And hope to meet the valuable market needs for large size CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine.

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