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#2006: Un autre graveur laser BUDGET - ATEBF-090060 est sorti.4
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Un autre graveur laser BUDGET - ATEBF-090060 est sorti.

ATEBF-090060-30W CO2  laser engraving system

~ It was added into our portfolio of *Budget* choices to save every cent$ of your investment. ~ 
And it might be a good choice for your versatile laser processing needs. 

This bigger size, entrance-level CO2 laser engraving system is compact and easy-to-maintain for signage shops and whoever needing to work on a variety of material such as Acrylic , Wood, MDF, Vinyl, Paper, etc.. People could also find the working area of this machine is very helpful for creating a MASK with desired artworks for following printing or etching process.

Besides, it could be very attractive for making award and decoration items with 
intricate artwork and of excellent productivity.




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