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#1702: Présentation du graveur / coupeur laser EDH Pulse CO24
Laser Life Company 300 新竹科學工業園區新竹市東區工業東四路24號1F
Nous avons complété les gammes de produits CSF-130090 avec des lasers DC ou RF compétitifsWe completed the CSF-130090 product lines with competitive DC or RF lasers !CSF-130090 series Laser Cutting System(60W ~ 210W DC or RF CO2 Laser Inside, High Precision Ball-Screw,  AC Servo Motor, Working Area: 130x090 cm)Features & Benefits:1. Friendly Operation Design : The LCD touch panel makes it very convenient to modify operating parameters.2. Lens Socket Focus Module : Exchange & maintain lens easily.3. CCD Positioning Module (Option) : Enable accurate re-positioning of initial cut for printed material.4. Modularized Design : Enable maintenance cheaper, faster & easily.5. NC Servo Motors : Enable high accuracy under high cutting speed.6. Sealed high-accuracy ball screw axes to prevent cutting dust accumulate on motion system.7. Sloping Hopper Design : Collect the cut pieces very smoothly.8. Red Pointer : Help user to locate the laser beam and focusing, also indicate the preview of cutting path.9. Excellent Cutting Capability : Fast Cutting Speed up to 30M/min ; Cutting Acrylic up to thickness of 30mm.10. Honeycomb Table (Option) : Provide best support to soft material. i.e.textile,thin film,cardboard etc.11. CAD/CAM Software (Option) : EZLASER CAD/CAM accepts DXF / HPGL / CNC code files. It provides unique functions to make excellent productions rapidly.12. Versatile Cutting Application : Like Acrylic, Signs, Architectural Models, Plastic Fabrication, Gaskets, Router Template, Stencils, Timber and Textile...For details, please contact our sales people or visit following link : #2007: Nous avons complété les gammes de produits CSF-130090 avec des lasers DC ou RF compétitifs 2021-03-05 2022-03-05
Laser Life Company 300 新竹科學工業園區新竹市東區工業東四路24號1F
Laser Life Company 300 新竹科學工業園區新竹市東區工業東四路24號1F
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Présentation du graveur / coupeur laser EDH Pulse CO2

EDH CO2 Laser Engraver / Cutter (130x090 cm)






# Key Features:

1. Auto-Focus Unit: (300mm working table Z-axis adjustment) (Click below image to PLAY!)


2. High Motion Speed: a.2032mm/sec (Engraving or Rastering) b.203.2mm/sec(Cutting or Vectoring)

3. High Resolution Engraving: 1200 DPI/600 DPI/400 DPI/300 DPI and lower DPI are available.(2400 DPI optional).

4. Good for big objects (material): EDH accommodates objects of 1300mm wide and has no constraints on the length of them with thickness less than 50mm.(so called Pass-Through function) 


# Key Applications:

1. Back Lighting (laser engraved dots) for display industry



2. Flexo Rubber Plate (or Roller)(laser engraved big rubber plate) for packaging industry.



3. Big Models (architectual models made of Wood/Acrylic sheet ; cut and engraved by laser )



4. Engrave deeper and faster and then cut-out from material of big sheet. Done by a single time of job.
(It takes 100 seconds to make one piece of below acrylic item in average, while processing 12 pieces in a row by EDH system.) 


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