We delivered a lots of compact fiber laser cutting systems in past 6 months. And we released some new attractive laser patterning systems to promising application fields.
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科技陶瓷专用雷射加工机 ATCLB-025025 新上市ATCLB-025025 多用途 雷射切割 、划线 、钻孔 - 陶瓷基板加工机,可加工以下各类陶瓷基板 (technical ceramic substrate):1. 氧化铝 (alumina)2. 氮化硼 (boron nitride)3. 氧化锆 (zirconia)4. 氮化铝 (aluminium nitride)如需进一步谘询,请电洽本公司业务人员暨连结以下 :https://www.laserlife-ezlaser.com/custom_119346.html https://www.laserlife.com.tw/cn/hot_410390.html #2110: 科技陶瓷专用雷射加工机 ATCLB-025025 新上市 2022-05-11 2023-05-11
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PSB 雷射布图机首次於 Touch Taiwan 2018 现场展出


PSB 雷射布图系统适用於多种用途,如下所示:

1. 雕刻 / 标印 整盘进料的批量物件

2. 以极高的速度切割薄膜 / 纸张 / 卡片

3. 蚀刻或去除选定区域物体上的油漆、涂层、染色

4. 可在600X600 mm或更大的范围内精确标印 / 布图

PSB Laser Patterning System works for multi-purposes listing as below:

1. Engraving on tray-in objects in batch

2. Cutting Thin Film / Paper at extreme high speed 

3. Etching or Removal of paint, coating, dyeing on object in selected area

4. Marking precisely in a bigger area of 600X600 mm  

如需进一步谘询,请电洽本公司业务人员暨连结以下 :

PSB-060060 Fiber Laser Patterning System (laserlife-ezlaser.com)



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