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2017 - CSH 3000mm x 1850mm launched in the market in September.

2016 - CSB series(60x60cm)Ball Screw Metal sheet cutting machine and CPB(90x60cm)

            Linear Servo Motor X, Y axis for metal sheet cutting were released.

2015 - CPB series(128x126cm)Linear Servo Motor X,Y axis for metal sheet cutting released

2014 - CSH and CSE series(8ft x 4ft )ball screw X,Y axis for full size cutting released. 

2012 - EBF series(36"x24")for middle size engraving system was released.

2010 - EZLASER  CAD CAM ,a LLC’s Integrated Software Platform ( ISP ) , was released.

2009 - LCX series with highest CO2 laser up to 400W for cutting sheet metals and thick

             plywood was released. LMF, LSC and LPL marking system were released.

2008 – EBF series, large and fast engraving system , 5x8 feet LCD gantry system series and

             EZLASER CAM software with new and advanced CAM features were released.

2007 - LCR series ( 4X6 foot ) gantry system, LCA series for fast prototyping of thin-film

             material and self-made LLC LASER TUBE are released.

2006 - A proprietary program - EZLASER_DRIVER  was released. It drives laser machine to

            cut and engrave faster than competitions.

2005 - LCW series won the prize of  “Eighth Outstanding Photonics Product Award” offered

             by PIDA ( Photonic Industry & Technology Development Association) in Taiwan.

2004 - Changed our company name as Laser Life Company (LLC)

2003 - Released the whole new CO2 laser engraving system, the LEE series.

2002 - Cooperated with NSK (Japanese Company) to develop the EZLASER LCD series laser

             system for need of cutting 18mm plywood(die-board)from the packaging industry..

2000 - Released new brand EZ-LASER LCV series laser cutting system. Built up sales channel

             in Asia and worldwide.

1998 - Cooperated with Spectron (now GSI Group) and lead medical 60/100 W DC lasers

             into industrial applications. SYSTEMS INC. Released the first flat-bed laser cutting

             system LCS-100 which meets CDRH Class I. And successfully sold LCS-100 to Russia,

             Mauritius and Malaysia.

1996 - Developed LCM-200, 4x8 feet gantry laser system and sold to factory making acrylic


1994 - Laser Life Company was set up and previously named as Laser Life Co., LTD.

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*Simple Operation  *Easy Maintenance  *Longevity Machine with Easy-Swap modularized parts  *High Performance  *Reasonable Prices  *Enduring Stable performance by durable AC Servo Motors  *High Speed due to Ball Screw Axes  *Accuracy Focus Models


EZLASER Micro-Machining Process Machines :        ● SPH-240          PPB 
     ■   CO2 Laser Cutters :  ●CSH-300185 
(3000x1850mm)  ●CSH-250130 (2500x1300mm)  ●CSF-130090 (1300x900mm)  ●CBF-155105(1550x1050mm) - 60W~400W
     ■   CO2 Laser Engravers  ●EDH-130090 (1300x900mm)  ●EBF-250130 (2500x1300mm)  ●EBF-130090 (1300x900mm)  ●EBF-090060 (900x600mm) - 60W~300W..

     ■   FIBER Laser Metal Cutters :  ●CSB-060060 (600x600mm)  ●CPB-090060 (900x600mm)  ●CPB-126128 (1260x1280mm) - Laser Power from 150/300/450W to 2000W
     ■                         Marking Machines :   ● MSB-A (205x205mm)    ● MSB-B (205x205mm)

        l ¤ Large /Medium CO2 machines l ¤ Small Fiber Cutters l ¤ Easy & Convenince System l ¤ Stable Industrial Level Machines l ¤ Accurate/Precise features & tools l 

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