★ BIG 3Mx1.85M CO2 Laser Cutter ★ EDH-130090 Engraver & Cutter ★ Compact CSB & CPB fiber laser METAL CUTTER for Metal Industries._________ ◆ EZLASER Resellers Wanted!


● CSH-300185-200R Large CO2 Laser Cutting Machines

For detail specification, please link http://www.ezlasermachine.com/cutting.aspx?type1=CSH-300185-Ball%20Screw%20Axes=CSH-300185-200R

● EDH-130090 New and advanced Engraver


For detail specification, please link http://www.laserlife-zlaser.com/custom_49952.html

● CPB & CSB Fiber Laser Metal Cutter

For detail specification, please link http://www.ezlasermachine.com/product.aspx

CSB-060060-Fiber Laser Metal Cutter

CPB-090060-Fiber Laser Metal Cutter

CPB-126128-Fiber Laser Metal Cutter

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*Easy Maintenances  *Simple Operation  *Long Life Machine Built with Easy-Swap High-End Modularized Parts  *High Performance  *Good Prices  *Enduring stable performance by durable AC Servo motors  *Efficiency due to Ball Screw Axes  *Accuracy Focus Models


  1. MICRO-MACHINING Process Machines :      ¤   SPH-240      ¤   PPB
  2. CO2 Laser Cutters :  CSH-300185 (3000x1850mm)  CSH-250130 (2500x1300mm)  CSF-130090 (1300x900mm)  CBF-155105(1550x1050mm) - 60W~400W
  3. CO2 Laser Engravers  EDH-130090 (1300x900mm)  EBF-250130 (2500x1300mm)  EBF-130090 (1300x900mm)  EBF-090060 (900x600mm) - 60W~300W.
  4. FIBER Laser Metal Cutters :  CSB-060060 (600x600mm)  CPB-090060 (900x600mm)  CPB-126128 (1260x1280mm) - Laser Power from 150/300/450W to 2000W
  5. FIBER Laser Marking Machines :    MSB-A (205x205mm)     MSB-B (205x205mm)                                                                                                                                                                                               

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