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Laser Life Company (LLC) established in 1994 is leading company of commercial and industrial level CO2/Fiber laser processing machines in Taiwan and constantly keeps evolutionary going of superb products range until now. We engage in research, manufacture and sales in CO2/FIBER laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking. With the knowledge, experiences and good cooperation, we devote constantly in producing easy approach, high quality and outstanding laser processing machines in Taiwan to compare famous brands in worldwide.


Since 1996, the first CO2 laser cutting system was released; LLC has successfully expanded domestic and global market with brand EZLASER. In order to increase our global competitiveness, we had involved in developing self-made CO2 laser tube by cooperating with one of the best high-tech research institution in Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University then the first self-made CO2 laser tube released in 2007.

In recent years, we launch CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines with larger working size, higher power and easy operation without losing glittery good quality. Also we intensify our ability to produce top FIBER laser machines for metal cutting and engraving. The smaller working area machines with high power/high efficiency fiber laser tubes are bright SPOT of recent exhibition in TIMTOS 2017. 

Our goal is to develop best laser cutting, engraving systems and newest high technology to fit customers’ incoming need. With the ability and technology of manufacturing CO2 laser tube and Fiber/CO2 laser processing machines, LLC has not only built the reputation of outstanding quality, but also EZLASER systems are now heading to becoming a top brand of laser cutter, laser engraving and hybrid machines in the world!



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           *Accuracy based on Time-Belt,Ball Screw and Linear Motor respectively
    *Easy Maintenances 
 & Simple Operations
     *Machines with Easy-Swap Advanced Modularized Parts
  *Accurate Focusing *High Quality Assembly and Tests
     *Enduring performance by high resolution Servo Motor 

**Fiber Laser (Metal) Cutter**  
CSB-060060 (600x600mm) 
CSB-090060 (900x600mm) 
CLB-090060 (900x600mm)  
(Laser Power : QCW 150/300/450W; CW 1500/2000W)

**CO2 Laser Cutter**  
CSH-300185 (3000x1850mm)
CSH-250150 (2500x1500mm)  
CSH-250130 (2500x1300mm) 
CSF-130090 (1300x900mm)  
CBF-155105 (1550x1050mm)
CBF-130090 (1300x900mm,Most POPular)
 (1000x700mm, Basic Cutter)

(Laser Power:60W~400W)

**CO2 Laser Engraver**  
EDH-130090 (1300x900mm)
250130 (2500x1300mm)
EBH-210155 (2100x1550mm)

EBF-130090 (1300x900mm)
EBF-090060 (900x600mm)
EBF-060045 (600x450mm)
(Laser Power : 20W~300W)

**Fiber/CO2  Laser Marking System**
MNB-Fiber Laser
MNB-CO2 Laser

**Macro/Micro-Machining Workstation**
PSB (CO2 Laser Patterning, Galvo+Ball-Scew)
PLB(Fiber Laser Patterning, Galvo+Linear Motor)
SLB (CO2 Laser Scribing / Cutting Workstation)

Why choose EZLASER systems? We offer large stable and affordable intelligent systems to make your Commercial & Industries Productions successful.

        l ¤ Large /Medium CO2 Cutters l ¤ Small Fiber Cutters l ¤ Easy & Convenince System l ¤ Stable Industrial Level Machines l

The thickness and work area size of Laserable Metal or Non-Metallic materials are key information ~ 

       TEL: 886-3-5641418 (TAIWAN)   ADDRESS: 5F, No.5, Technology RD., Science-Based Industrial Park, HSINCHU 300, TAIWAN 
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